Bobby Clarke

Current Position
Area Manager
Restaurant Location/Area:
Kansas City
How did you start with Goodcents?
New restaurant opened in my home town of Sedalia MO in 2009.
What was the first position you held with Goodcents
Bake Master
Describe yourself in 3 words:
Motivated, Easygoing, Quiet
What are your outside interest (when you're not at work)
Playing with my kids, Brewing Craft Beer, Sports
Favorite menu item at Goodcents
Chicken Bacon Ranch. I ate it every day for 2 straight weeks when I started.
Something interesting about you
I LOVE the movie "The Big Lebowski". So much so that I named my cat "The Dude" aka His Dudeness, Duder, and El Duderino
Favorite part about working at Goodcents
Training and developing crew members.
Tips for delivering not just a great customer service but delivering the "Goodcents Experience"
You have to "Care". Its in our culture, We Deliver, We Cater, We Care. Show the guest that you care is the difference between them visiting once or often.
Give one example of your favorite time when you were able to go above and beyond to service a guest
I had found out that a regular lunch customer of ours had lost his home in a fire. He was staying at the hotel right behind my restaurant. I offered him and his family dinner every night for free for the week that they were staying there. Weeks later, the crew and I had received a card in the mail thanking us for the help. The following Christmas, they sent us a Christmas card.


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