Certified Trainer

This position requires knowledge of all things Goodcents, passion for the brand, exuberance to teach, and pride in the results of others.
Exceptional Qualities Include:

  • Must have mastered all listed aspects of the Crew Member positions.
  • Will have a working knowledge of all recipes, preparation procedures, and the passion to ensure that every item is prepared to perfection every time.
  • Possesses a strong desire for advancement within the defined ranks that they wish to attain.
  • Creates and fosters a positive environment of learning as they support and develop new team members through their learning process.
  • Conveys the importance of “The Goodcents Experience”, it’s meaning, and the importance to deliver it with zeal and conviction every time.

As a part of the team:

  • Very good written and great communication skills are a must.
  • No previous experience or educational level is required. Goodcents will happily provide on the job training to facilitate this position and your future.
  • Must be physically able to perform duties including bending, standing, repetitious twisting at the waist, walking for the duration of a full shift, and lifting 10 pounds frequently and up to 40 pounds infrequently.
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