General Manager

The role of a General Manager is to further the visibility of the “Goodcents Brand”, be accountable to the community, deliver profitability, and foster a culture of motivated positive ethics.
 Exceptional Qualities Include:

  • Must have mastered every position in the restaurant.
  • Will promote and execute “The Goodcents Experience” on a daily basis though their team.
  • Demonstrates accountability to all team members and provides examples and appropriate direction when needed.
  • Will actively enforce all Federal, State, and Local laws applying to any and all facets of safety, sanitation, labor, and administrative responsibility
  • Must be an integral and visible part of their local community.
  • Has open availability to support the restaurant in any time of need.
  • Takes a leading role in Local Store Marketing initiatives.
  • Plans and engages all controllable costs, budgets, and Profit/Loss reviews.
  • Constantly monitors and reinforces guest feedback through in-person contact, phone-in order call backs, and online ordering verifications.
  • Must show competency in completing regular employee schedules, inventories, food orders, employee reviews, and maintenance logs.
  • Provides a positive, educational, and motivational example to their team every day.
  • Requires the ability to generate and follow food preparation build-to charts with accuracy as well as possess the ability to adjust said charts to reflect current business needs.
  • Manages their location through teaching, accountability, vision, and community.
  • Ensures proper staffing and training for their designated location.

As a part of the team:

  • Great written and great communication skills are a must.
  • Previous management experience is preferred, but not required. Goodcents will happily provide on the job training to facilitate this position and your future.
  • Must be physically able to perform duties including bending, standing, repetitious twisting at the waist, walking for the duration of a full shift, and lifting 10 pounds frequently and up to 40 pounds infrequently.
  • Must be 18 years of age, have a clean driving record, a valid Driver’s License, and current automobile insurance in their name.
  • Prior to acceptance into the Management Training Program a full background check must be examined and approved.
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