Shift Supervisor

The role of the Shift Supervisor is to support the store manager in all focus items, open and close the restaurant as needed, provide training to new crew members, and most importantly take a personal stake in insuring that every guest will return for “The Goodcents Experience”.
Exceptional Qualities Include:

  • Must have mastered all listed aspects of the Crew Member, Slice Master, Bread Master, and Certified Trainer positions.
  • Will set the business up for success every shift through direction and leadership.
  • Takes pride in the “Open to Close-Close to Open” philosophy that sets the next manager up for success.
  • Has an educated eye on all costs relating to profitability and guest satisfaction.
  • Must set an energetic and positive pace for the restaurant every shift.
  • Requires the ability to generate and follow food preparation build-to charts with accuracy as well as possess the ability to adjust said charts to reflect current business needs.
  • Demonstrates the ability to direct all employees effectively with a positive attitude and outlook.
  • Must be able to problem-solve and provide appropriate direction in times of crisis with an open line of communication to the Store Manager.
  • Will enforce all Federal, State, and Local laws applying to any and all facets of safety, sanitation, labor, and administrative responsibility.
  • Responsible to generate and provide inventories, food delivery orders, schedules, payroll reports, and daily sales reports as directed (these duties will differ based on level I, II, or III).
  • Participates in Local Store Marketing and immerses themselves into the surrounding community the store with pride.

As a part of the team:

  • Very good written and great communication skills are a must.
  • No previous experience or educational level is required. Goodcents will happily provide on the job training to facilitate this position and your future.
  • Must be physically able to perform duties including bending, standing, repetitious twisting at the waist, walking for the duration of a full shift, and lifting 10 pounds frequently and up to 40 pounds infrequently.
  • Must be 18 years of age, have a clean driving record, a valid Driver’s License, and current automobile insurance in their name.
  • Prior to acceptance into the Management Training Program a full background check must be examined and approved.
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