Sergio Nausa

Current Position
General Manager
Restaurant Location/Area:
Sedalia Missouri
How did you start with Goodcents?
Just walked in and asked if they were hiring.
What was the first position you held with Goodcents
Crew Member
Describe yourself in 3 words:
Friendly, Trustworthy, Responsible
What are your outside interest (when you're not at work)
Physical Fitness, WWE, PlayStation
Favorite menu item at Goodcents
Penny Club
Something interesting about you
Born in Bogota Columbia
Favorite part about working at Goodcents
My great positive crew. I can call them friends not just employees
Tips for delivering not just a great customer service but delivering the "Goodcents Experience"
Always make it enjoyable for the crew members. We have lots of fun and it flows over to delivering the Goodcents Experience.
Give one example of your favorite time when you were able to go above and beyond to service a guest
A customer dropped their sandwich as they were leaving and it spilled everywhere. I walked over to him and told him not to worry that we could make him another sandwich free of charge of course.


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