Job Descriptions

Listed below are the different positions available as a team member within the Goodcents family of stores. While each position has different physical demands; all of them require an outgoing attitude, a sunny disposition, an acute attention to detail, and a passion for delivering "The Goodcents Experience".

See which position suits your skill set the best:
Crew Member

This position welcomes our guests making them feel at home, crafts their meal, and is charged to have an amazing time while delivering
"The Goodcents Experience".

Slice Master

This position is the initial energetic contact with our guests, in charge of portion control, and the leader providing direction during peak business hours.

Bake Master

This position requires a distinct eye for quality, a passion for perfection, the ability to follow recipes closely, and to be an early riser for opening the restaurant.

Delivery Driver

This position requires a knowledge of the local area, an enthusiastic marketing attitude, and the ability to work well within structured time frames.

Certified Trainer

This position delivers training to new employees through articulate direction, hands on demonstration, computer-based guidance, and passion for our Goodcents brand.

Shift Supervisor

The role of the Shift Supervisor is to support the store manager in all focus items, open and close the restaurant as needed, provide training to new crew members, and most importantly take a personal stake in insuring that every guest will return for "The Goodcents Experience".

General Manager

The role of a General Manager is to further the visibility of the "Goodcents Brand", be accountable to the community, deliver profitability, and foster a culture of motivated positive ethics.

Area Manager

The role of an Area Manager is tied to all aspects of each of their designated restaurants, each employee, and every customer. This defined role must balance multiple stores' profitability, community involvement, staffing, and training adherence.